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Welcome to Artful Explorers repository site for the Saturday event web pages for art inspiration links. I am Cecilia Evasco, a facilitator for Artful Explorers. Below, you will find a hyperlinked list of PAST and UPCOMING events for Artful Explorers.

The Malay Peninsula  (5/20)

Windmills of Asia & The Netherlands (5/13)

Yayoi Kusama: The Polka Dot Lady (5/6)

Stars, Skies & Beyond (4/29)

Treehouses and Natural Homes (4/22)

Cherry Blossoms (4/15)

Where Do You Find Rainbows? (4/1)

San Juan Capistrano (3/25)

Famous Gardens (3/18)

Cairngorms National Park (3/11)

Libraries of the World (3/4)

The Group of Seven (2/25)

Venice and Carnival (2/18)

Underwater Museums & Shipwrecks (2/11)

Domkirkeodden (2/4)

The Peak District-UK National Park (1/28)

The Hudson Valley (1/21)

Toys, Games, and Candies of Childhood (1/14)

Mackinac Island (1/7)


The Great Barrier Reef

The Australian Outback


Norman Rockwell Reimagined

California Wine Country


Appalachian National Parks

Kites and Flying Machines



Celebrating the Life of Queen Elizabeth II

The Wonderful World of Bears
Welcome to my sketching-art-travel links repository site. I am Cecilia Evasco, a facilitator for the Virtual New York City Urban Sketchers group.  I created this site because participants from the virtual sketching events I help to facilitate on a weekly basis have asked me for access to the web sites I published for prior events.

In addition to listing previous event web sites, I would like to catalog here links on useful art tips and art techniques published in the bi-weekly newsletters by the New York City Urban Sketchers group.

Lastly, I would like to share some travel tips that I learned from sketching events and from my immediate family members who have traveled the world more so than most people.

Grand Teton National Park

Renaissance Faires

Canadian Pacific Northwest

International Cats & Dogs

Race Cars


Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket

Summer Party-Vacation Postcards


Sequential Art & Comics

African Safaris

Waterfront Amusement Parks

South Pacific

New York Botanical Gardens

The Kentucky Derby

Living History Museums

The Amazon Rainforest


Centennial Farms & Ranches


Utah National Parks- The Mighty 5

St Patrick's Day & Ireland

Mardi Gras & New Orleans


Black History Month

Castles & Countryside of Great Britain

Chinese New Year

Trains & Railways

Denali National Park & Fairbanks

Winter Festivals

Hearst Castle & San Simeon

Holiday Traditions



Thanksgiving around the World

Petra & Jordan

Indigenous People of the World

Halloween SPOOKtacular

Ellis Island: Faces of Immigration

Autumn in New England

American Victorian Seaside Resorts

Vintage Wheels & Keels

Canadian Maritime Provinces

Florida Everglades

9/11 Anniversary

The Ivy League


Pow Wows

Endless Wonders of the Sea

Tokyo Olympics

Fairs of America

Hot Air Balloon Festivals


Mesa Verde


Colorado Rocky Mountains

Cappadocia & Istanbul

Positano & the Amalfi Coast

Halloween Spooktacular

Bannerman's Castle

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ART RESOURCES (Under Construction)

Below is a running list of art tutorial sites
From NYC Urban Sketchers Newsletter
section on Art Tips & Product Reviews

Guide to Urban Sketching

Introduction to Drawing & Painting with Colored Inks

5 Ink Drawing Techniques for Plein Air

10 Strategies for Urban Sketching in Winter

Easy Way to Start a New Sketchbook!

The Beginner's Guide to Watercolour Labels

Victorian Vignettes

Drawing From the Outside In

With Practical Application Techniques

Watercolor Online with Michael Solovyev

Making Sketches Come Alive | Urban Sketching Killer Tip

EASY Loose Sketch Technique | Ink & Watercolour

Tutorial: “Shape-First For A Quick Urban Sketch”

Paul Rubens Watercolours & Sketchbook

Urban Sketching World Art Tutorials

3 Set of Skills for Consistent Urban Sketching (9 min)

10 Essential Watercolor Painting Tips for Artists of Every Skill Level

Panoramas: Urban Sketching Techniques with Sigrid Albert

Simplify ink lines and watercolors, quickly draw architectural sketches

Watercolor in the Palm of Your Hand

Travel Sketching

       (free art lessons)

Crave Painting Blog- What is Urban Sketching?

Artist Network-Free Art Tutorials

Watercolor Techniques

Draw Mix Paint

Jane Blundell Art Blog

Belinda Del Pesco

Anna Mason Art

School of Sketching

Art Instructor Blog

Watercolor Wednesday

Virtual Museum Tours and Exhibitions
Travel and Leisure- 12 Virtual Museum Tours
75 Best Virtual Museum Tours

Art Travel Site

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