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Below is a running list of art tutorial sites
From NYC Urban Sketchers Newsletter
section on Art Tips & Product Reviews

Guide to Urban Sketching

Introduction to Drawing & Painting with Colored Inks

5 Ink Drawing Techniques for Plein Air

10 Strategies for Urban Sketching in Winter

Easy Way to Start a New Sketchbook!

The Beginner's Guide to Watercolour Labels

Victorian Vignettes

Drawing From the Outside In

With Practical Application Techniques

Watercolor Online with Michael Solovyev

Making Sketches Come Alive | Urban Sketching Killer Tip

EASY Loose Sketch Technique | Ink & Watercolour

Tutorial: “Shape-First For A Quick Urban Sketch”

Paul Rubens Watercolours & Sketchbook

Urban Sketching World Art Tutorials

3 Set of Skills for Consistent Urban Sketching (9 min)

10 Essential Watercolor Painting Tips for Artists of Every Skill Level

Panoramas: Urban Sketching Techniques with Sigrid Albert

Simplify ink lines and watercolors, quickly draw architectural sketches

Watercolor in the Palm of Your Hand

Travel Sketching

       (free art lessons)

Crave Painting Blog- What is Urban Sketching?

Artist Network-Free Art Tutorials

Watercolor Techniques

Draw Mix Paint

Jane Blundell Art Blog

Belinda Del Pesco

Anna Mason Art

School of Sketching

Art Instructor Blog

Watercolor Wednesday